Gish Group Mission

To develop more effective leaders that deliver greater results!

“Effective leaders are the single most significant competitive advantage any company can have”

Principal Consultant

Chris Gish

Chris is a highly successful commercial leader & Sales Vice President with real world insight gained from leading organizations & teams.

He is dedicated to leveraging his experience in coaching and teaching leaders at all levels how to be more effective and how to deliver an engaging workplace culture that is a competitive advantage for their organizations.

He looks for opportunities to help companies improve their sales force’s effectiveness and align their cross functional teams better.

  • Vice President of Sales at Pfizer and Sunovion Pharmaceuticals
  • Training & Development leadership roles at Pfizer and Sunovion
  • Former Officer in the US Navy
  • Acclaimed speaker at life science industry events including EyeforPharma, Epharma and Futurepharma
“If you have leaders who could be more effective, a sales force that is falling short, or a commercial team that needs alignment, then Chris can really help with that. No one I know is better.”
Former Collegue
VP of Sales

Custom Leadership
Development Programs

Deliberate Leadership

Teaches leaders how to act with more purpose and discipline to ensure their actions telegraph priority and importance to their teams. Clients will see teams become more aligned and engaged with improved results on strategic priorities.

High Engagement Culture

Enables teams to identify real world behaviors that everyone wants to see as the norm in your workplace. Clients see more aligned teams, quicker reaction and speed of execution against strategic priorities.

Leadership Coaching

“Clients will reap the value of more effective leaders who emerge from these custom coaching programs that Chris is uniquely qualified to deliver”

– Leadership Development Principal Consultant


Structured 6 or 12 month engagements targeted to specific behaviors informed by multi person live feedback.

New Leader of Leaders

Teaching new skills to leaders as they transition from first line leaders to leading other leaders.

On Demand

Touchpoints for leaders to address specific issues and increase sustainability of live programs.

Sales Force Effectiveness Programs

Sales Force Execution Audits

Do you need unbiased data quickly about execution quality in your sales force?

Assesses all key components

  • Sales & Marketing Leadership
  • Cross functional partners
  • Sales force directors and front line leaders
  • Direct field observation & engagement
  • Report & recommendations
Commercial Team Synergy

Is your commercial team poorly functioning and pointing fingers at each other while results suffer?

Program Delivers

  • Cross functional alignment on strategic priorities
  • Team designed operational principles to increase communication and trust
  • Aligned metrics and results to target
Interim Sales Force Leadership

Unexpected vacancy in your VP of Sales or National Sales Director Role? Looking for an interim solution so you can invest adequate time to identify the successor?

Chris Gish will step in, identify key deliverables and contacts and deliver needed results.  Can be 100% dedicated or part time depending on your needs

Commercial Strategy Consulting

“Chris is a very skilled and knowledgeable commercial leader who understands every commercial function.  He knows how you win.”

– CCO at mid-size Pharma

Saleforce Design & Build Out

Are you a pre-commercial company who needs support planning for commercialization and understanding costs and options?

Do you need support for due diligence and business development decisions?

Product Launch/Relaunch

Do you need launch leadership expertise to inform/design sales force launch strategy?

Are you working to understand a launch disappointment and how to relaunch effectively?

Keynote Speaker







“I have one suggestion for what could make this general session better – more Gish”
– National Commercial Meeting Participant Feedback

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